“Why a conversation about values?

Values, sometimes referred to as virtues, merits, or graces, touch the core of who we are. Regardless of terminology, when we talk about values, we mean the guiding principles that motivate us daily and influence our judgements.  Values are so intrinsically tied to who we are that we tend to take them for granted, rarely giving conscious consideration of what it means to live this value.

What is the motivation for this Values Cafe?  

We seek to engage Winnipeggers in a process of making their values conscious and shared.  We hope that the Values Café will be an open engagement and reflect a culture of curiosity. We ask that all participants come with a “beginner’s mind,” and willing to learn from each other. We may not always agree with each other, but we believe a values discussion is a conversation of abundance rather than coming from a place of fear and scarcity. Ultimately, we seek to make our world a better place.

Who is the Winnipeg Values Alliance Hub?

We are part of a world values movement of volunteers from various professional backgrounds interested in giving voice to values. Hub members are values practitioners, some work with governmental organizations and not for profit organizations, educational institutions and while others assist business leaders in creating healthier workplaces. They share a passion for helping groups to be more conscious by recognizing that values and beliefs underpin our behaviours.

Why are we bringing together a group of people to talk about values now?”

We believe that, through conversation, our awareness of our values become awakened. Not too long ago, the term “Canadian Values” became briefly associated with discriminatory and exclusionary practice. This is not what we mean by values. We believe that Canadians hold many values in common and that these values must be given a place in our national conversation.